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Law and the Image
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Uttar Falguni (1963)
Director: Asit Sen
Producer: Uttam Kumar Films Pvt. Ltd.
Story: Niharranjan Gupta
Script: Nripendrakrishna Chattopadhyay
Cinematography: Anil Gupta, Jyoti Laha
Art: Ramchandra Sindhe, Sujit Das
Editing: Tarun Dutta


World War 2: Human Rights Violations
Effect: Enshrine Notions of Individual Protection
Partition: Communal Violence/ New Nation
Effect: Assurances of "equality" to minority communities
As a result the Bill acts not really as a…



Main Features

Providing Monogamy and Divorce as legal option for all Hindus.
Notion of Marriage as not merely Sacramental but a Contract as well.
Notions of gotras, castes and religion not valid.

Pre-requisites For Marriage

Neither are…