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Law and the Image
The Media Lab : Jadavpur University


Tthe database contain items as varied in type from newspaper reports, film clips and scholarly journal articles, in subject from sociology to anthropology touching onto film studies and temporally from 1930's onto the 2000's. Debates into homogenization as a nationalist paradigm, constitutional rights of the individual, position of women in the Hindu society, et al are tagged and browsing by the tags allows a journey through the material which might be removed from actual linear tracking of the resources.


What this database aims to do is provide directions for a series of subsequent researches, which in turn add up as a resource for the database. This is by no means a completed endeavour and ideally grows with usage and contributions.


Recently Added Items

Woman versus Womanliness in India: An Essay in Cultural and Political Psychology

The essay involves an analysis of the constricted role of woman in Indian society and public affairs as part of an ongoing process of civilisational…

Love in a Colonial Climate: Marriage, Sex and Romance in Nineteenth-Century Bengal

A study of the 19th century Bengali society and the changing notions of marriage, conjugality and companionship ushered in through an acquaintance to…

Review: Bratacharini

Review of the film Bratacharini published in the Kartik, 1362 (Nov-Dec, 1955) issue of the Chitrabani magazine.